Charli Light – Owner/Buyer

Charli has owned ‘Charli’ in College Station since 1974, the longest and largest individually owned clothing store in Bryan college Station. During these years Charli has been involved and active on the boards of Chamber of Commerce, Opera & Performing Arts, the Arts Council, Bank of A&M, March of Dimes, Brazos Bash, among many others as well as actively volunteering in numerous fund raisers every year, and a generous donor to many charity events.

She has been the face of fashion with her own TV show, full pages stories in Woman’s Wear Daily, Houston Chronicle, The Eagle, as well as being quoted often on first pages for many issues. By this stature in the community she was able to do numerous successful fund raiser styles shows and become an icon of small business!

Charli has had a goal and passion for making each woman look beautiful and understand what makes great style. She goes to 10-11 markets a year to find the style that most reflect what she believes is fashion forward with an awareness of the lifestyle of her customers, making a store filled with wearable, fashionable, pieces that are comfortable and the greatest value for the money spent!

Shopping is a active part of a woman’s life and Charli thinks it should be a friendly, best girlfriend kind of experience to shop in her store. She wants to be your friend first, customer next so the styling and service you get is custom to who the customer is and all her needs! She wants you to feel free to come and hang out, and be a part of Charli’s!

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